hello, friend

Hello, friend. “Hello, friend?” That’s lame.

\- *elliot anderson*

after engrossing myself with Mr. Robot recently. I’m adopting the show’s tagline as my “Hello World!” replacement. And it’s not lame. If you haven’t seen it yet, I invite you to check out the first four minutes. It is eerily good.

but this blog is not about Mr. Robot (albeit a few references). Instead, this site’s main function is a humble documentation of findings, solutions & examples from daily interactions with 3d applications and pipeline development. Interjected with personal ramblings and projects.

i am not a wizard or guru. Just an aspiring 3D Generalist with a technical mindset and a desire to make workflows simpler.

i hope you’ll enjoy reading my articles and have something to takeaway from them. Send me an email if you have any questions, corrections or general feedback.